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Including both the Kickstarter and post-Kickstarter sales period, approximately 1450 booster boxes and 650 starter sets were sold. In early November of 2023, online sales through the Runeslingers web store concluded and unsold product was disposed of; as of that date, product is only available on the secondary market.

Runeslingers is now in support-mode, ensuring our players have a continued resource for rules and play, and can connect with other players through our community discord. 

Overall, the trading card game market is one of the most competitive in the industry, with dozens of new brands hitting the market each year. Driving sales to our webstore, for an unknown brand not available at a local distribution level proved too difficult to sustain ongoing operations (international distribution is expensive!). 

We are very proud of the product we created and the truly strategic and unique aspects of its gameplay. We successfully fulfilled our Kickstarter to over 280 backers and many more post-kickstarter.

In the future, if Runeslingers is to re-release, it will not be in a randomized TCG format, but rather a dueling board-game style product that is available exclusively through retail partners. This is something we're exploring for the future, but have no current plans to produce this year. 


We'd like to thank our amazing backers for supporting us, and hope they continue to enjoy the product we're delivered for years to come. With the addition of the expanded play formet (detailed in our rules), many new strategies have been developed by our core community of players that offer a new spin on gameplay that is more balanced than classic (looking at you Sear and Void decks!). 

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