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Feb 1, 2022

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Runeslingers The Awakening Photo

Runeslingers is a completely customizable dueling card game for two players.


Choose and equip your Runeslinger with a stance and ability. Build and customize your 30-card deck from over 120 unique cards.

Reduce the enemy Runeslinger's power from 5 to 0 to claim victory!

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Your Runeslinger is represented by a character card on your field during play. Below your Runeslinger character card are your two chosen equips; Engulf, a stance, and Flame of Nim, an ability. 

You can customize your Runeslinger before each game by changing your Stance and Ability. You can have either a stance and ability or two abilities equipped at once to your Runeslinger. 

Each Runeslinger belongs to one of four classes. Runeseer, Lightward, Striker and Hexmancer. Each class has unique abilities and stances only they can equip. 


This is your Health. When it is reduced to 0, you lose a

power and reset it to its current maximum (usually 20)


This is your Power. When the encounter begins, you have 5 power. If your power is reduced to 0, you lose the game!


This is your Block. Once per turn when you or a defense card you control would take damage, you can discard a card from your hand to block damage equal to your block value.

Activate Ability.png

This is your Ability equip. When you lose a power you gain a determination. Spend determinations equal to this cost to use your ability. Above, Flame of Nim has a determination cost of 2. 

Passive Ability.PNG

This is your Stance equip. It has a continuous effect that modifies game. 

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Runeslingers features over 120 unique cards that are all playable in your 30-card deck; there are no filler cards here! Cards are divided into two main types; defense cards and runespells. 

Defense cards have a defense value listed in their top-right. This indicates how much damage they can take in a single turn before they are destroyed and discarded. 

01 - Trinket PNG3_edited.png




02 - Boon PNG2_edited.png


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S_Chaos Fire_edited.jpg

Runespells are played during your play phase and have a one-time effect. During your discard phase (at the end of your turn), all runespells in play are discarded. 

05- Utility Runespell PNG3_edited.png


03- Spirit Runespell PNG3_edited.png




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You and your opponent each have an identical field facing you. Everything you control in play exists on your field. Any card from your hand can be set face-down as a concentration. Cards from your hand, with the exception of boons, are always played on a concentration you control. 

The Six Ailments
The Ailments.PNG

Ailments are negative effects that can be put on you during a game. Ailments of the same type on you stack, increasing their effect. When you begin your turn in your Ailment Phase, you remove ailments from you in groups of 8; you lose a power for each group of 8 removed in this phase. Below, Weaken has die on it with 3 pips, indication it has 3 stacks. 

Burn copy.PNG
Fragment copy.PNG
Insanity copy.PNG
Debilitate copy.png
Weaken copy.PNG
Curse copy.PNG

Below, the boon Binding is played on your Debilitate ailment. Boons played on ailments removed those ailments from play as long as the boon is on the field. Boons can be destroyed by damage, but can have powerful effects while they remain in play. 

Debilitate copy.png

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Feb 1, 2022

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