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Q1, 2021

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A New Customizable Tactical Card Game

Runeslingers is a customizable tactical card game for two players. Choose and play as one of four Runeslingers, each with its own unique class and abilities. Sling powerful runespells, wield exotic trinkets and protect yourself with magical enchantments called boons. Battle in an epic encounter to reduce the enemy Runeslinger's power from five to zero to claim victory.

Runeslingers was designed first and foremost as a competitive strategy card game. All cards in Runeslingers  are carefully built around our Keyword cost system, ensuring each card has an important role to fill. Runeslingers has been in development for over three years, and we're thrilled to finally share it with the world!

What You Get

• 4 Customizable Runeslinger Cards

24 Runeslinger Ability cards

• 240 Game Cards

• 36 Ailments

• 8 Dice

• 16 Tokens

• 2 Play Mats

Molded Component Insert

All in one convenient box. 

You Will Love Runeslingers If...

• You love card games like Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Flesh and Blood

• You enjoy strategy games with a lot of customization and deep, engaging mechanics; Runeslinger's unique Ailment and Power mechanics will draw you in, leaving you with memorable moments after each game. 

• You're tired of buying booster packs and random products; you would rather get everything on in one awesome box, ready to play, right away. 

• You like a game that's perfect for two competitive players who love deckbuilding; Runeslinger's "class-light" system allows for tremendous deck customization with almost no restrictions on how you can combine cards.

• You like getting a ton of value for your money; while Runeslingers is designed for two players, there's enough in the box for up to four players to play two-on-two, right out of the box! 

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Introducing The Runeslingers

When you start a Runeslingers encounter, you will first choose your Runeslinger. Next, you choose your Runeslinger's passive and activate ability. Each Runeslinger has three unique abilities of each type for you to choose from, giving you a lot of choice when it comes to customizing your Runeslinger. 


MEER is a Lightward, a protector of the righteous. MEER focuses on strong defenses and control. He can easily manipulate ailments on his enemies, changing them at will to serve a new purpose. ​

Lightward Runeslinger.PNG


ROMIN is a Striker, a gifted wielder of melee weapons. He spent his entire life pounding iron at his forge and working the fields of his mountainside farm. ROMIN is both a master of manipulation and close combat attacks. ​




EVA is a Runeseer, a conjurer of flame. EVA was a dragon hunter, long before The Awakening. She embraced the power of pyromancy when the runestones chose her. 

EVA chars her enemies with searing flames, burning away their resources and dealing massive damage quickly. EVA punishes any that attempt to disrupt her incantations in battle.




HERA is a Hexmancer, a conjurer of deadly ailments. Hera is perhaps the most dangerous of the Runeslingers. Once scorned for her unnatural arcane affinities, HERA lays low any who trespass against her. HERA manipulates her enemies with ailments, bending their actions to her will. 

The Card Types 

Every great card game needs tons of cool cards, and Runeslingers delivers the goods! The base version of Runeslingers has over 120 unique cards with three different card types. 



Runespells are powerful incantations you sling during your play phase. Runespells will make up the majority of the cards in your deck and have a huge variety of effects. Attack runespells can normally only target Runeslingers, making them a good choice for aggressive, attack-focused decks. Spirit runespells can't inflict ailments, but can target any target, including defense cards like boons, trinkets and chant. Utility runespells don't deal damage, but have numerous other effects that aid you in combat. 

Glancing Arrow.png
Harness Sun.png



Trinkets grant unique and game-altering effects to their controller while in play. Unlike runespells, trinkets are defense cards and remain on your fi. If damage is dealt to your trinket that exceeds its defense value in a single play phase, your trinket is destroyed; make sure to defend it well!

Some trinkets have an Activate effect. An Activate effect is a one-time bonus granted when you Activate that trinket. After the effect resolves, that trinket is placed into its owner's discard pile. 

Battle Axe.png
Wretched Cloak.png
Smoke Bomb.png



Boons are enchantments that protect Runeslingers from ailments. When played, boons temporarily prevent the effects of the ailment card that they are played on.

Boons can be played on your ailments, often providing benefits to you. Boons can also be played on enemy ailments, giving their new controller a negative effect that can be deadly if not quickly dealt with!




Chants are powerful spells that have lasting effects. Similar to trinkets, chants remain on your field until they are destroyed. Many chants have activate effects and are a great addition to any deck. 

Vine Trap.png
Lava Stream.png
The Six Ailments

There are six unique ailments in Runeslingers that can be put on a Runeslinger during an encounter. Multiple instances of the same ailment can "stack", increasing in power as they do so. Ailments are applied directly with certain utility runespells, and can be inflicted with damage by using powerful attack runespells. Check out the six ailments below!

the 6 ailments copy.png
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