Sales and Distrobution

All Runeslingers product will be sold and distributed directly through us and our fulfillment partners. We will not be using a distributor-to-retail sales model. We feel that our players should have the opportunity to become invested partners in product sales. This opens up new opportunities for players to sell and distribute product locally, giving them the ability to operate their own small business, and run/supply local game nights of their own.


Brick and mortar stores will also be able to purchase larger orders through us at distributor discounts. We'll supply retailers purchasing from us with prize support for local game nights and tournaments, including cards and play mats only available to participating LGS. 

Q1: I'm interested in carrying and supplying product to local players, as well as running events at my own home; what does this look like for me?  

A1: First, you will register for a Runeslingers Event Manager (REM) account. Now you can purchase product through either the REM app, or through our web portal. All product purchased through the web-portal will be be packaged and shipped as "tournament kits". Match standings are recorded in your REM, allowing players to progress their worldwide Runeslinger rank.

Ex: You log in to your REM account and purchase product for a 4-6 person draft. You will receive 1 booster box, as well as prize support for the winning player and 2 promos to be distributed randomly. The cost for the prize support is included in the purchase of your draft kit. Each player in a draft will be allocated 4 booster packs with which to build their deck; this means a single draft kit supports a pod of up to 6 players. Players can purchase "tickets" to your event if you are the booker, paying you for their portion of the event kit and their seat at the table. You can either set a standard rate for a seat, or you can customize it. 

Q2: I'm the owner of a local game store. If players can buy product and run their own events, why would I want to carry Runeslingers and run events myself? In addition, why would I want the extra hassle of ordering from you, instead of using a distributor I've worked closely with for years that's a one-stop-shop for me?

A2P1: When you register for a REM account, you can select LGS as an account type; you're a brick-and-mortar local game store. Once you complete your application to prove you are a brick-and-mortar store with space for players to play, you'll gain access to your LGS discount. Product you order through us will be delivered with prize support players can only ever obtain by playing in LGS events. Players will also receive 50% more REM points for wins and losses while playing at an LGS. This will encourage the most competitive players to play in your events, and buy product from you. In addition, the stores with the most successful event participation will become eligible to hold major events, including nation qualifiers. 

A2P2: We're doing everything we can to ensure the ordering process through us is easy and cost-effective. We're leveraging experienced logistics partners to ensure your product arrives quickly and safely. In addition, we're passing most of the savings we achieve from bypassing distributors directly on to you, the LGS retailer. This creates a tighter partnership between us and you, ensuring we all develop a strong and trusting relationship. From a product side, this limits market manipulation by distributors; you have product availability insights available to you at a detailed level; no more seemingly arbitrary product allocations.