Sales and Distribution

All Runeslingers product will be sold and distributed directly through Valley Mage Games and its fulfillment partners. Valley Mage Games will not be using a distributor-to-retail sales model. We feel that our players should have the opportunity to become invested partners in product sales. This opens up new opportunities for players to sell and distribute product locally, giving them the ability to operate their own small business, and run/supply local game nights of their own.


If you operate a brick and mortar store, you will be able to purchase larger orders through us at distributor discounts (MOQ to be determined). You will have a separate tag within the REM app which grants you access to volume discounts, and grants you the ability schedule larger tournaments, with Organized Play (OP) Event Kits only available to players who attend LGS events! 

Q1: I'm interested in carrying and supplying product to local players, as well as running events at my own home; what does this look like for me?  

A1: First, you will register for a Runeslingers Event Manager (REM) account (development pending). Next, you can purchase booster boxes through either the REM app, or through our web portal. Running a constructed event means players bring their own decks to play. Box toppers provided in each booster box will contain a random full-art foil card.


Event organizers will apply any fees or prize support outside of the REM app, as the application is not designed for processing payments for events. 

Players will be able to purchase organized play event kits from our retail website that include prize support for a 6-person competitive event. OP kits will cycle out every 1-2 months, will new prizes and promos in each becoming available each cycle. OP kits contains 5 promo cards, a playmat and a foil full-art promo card only available in OP kits. 

Q2: I'm the owner of a B&M game store. If players can buy product directly from you and run their own events, why would I want to carry Runeslingers and run events myself?

A2: In addition to receiving a B&M volume discount (from 20-35%), you will be eligible to schedule local tournaments that will offer more REM experience points for play as well as winning. This will encourage players to come to their local game store to play in your events, building a healthy local competitive scene. The price you charge for scheduling and running Runeslingers events will be up to you, as well the prizes that you offer. OP kits will be significantly discounted to stores. In addition, if demand permits, unique OP kits will be created specifically for local game stores.