When designing Runeslingers we developed our product to appeal to players and collectors alike. This means walking a fine-line between printing enough cards for players to easily access them at a reasonable price, and ensuring that collectors realize true value in the very rare cards they open and collect. 

We do this by:


• Limiting print runs to demand 

• Not designing pack-filler "bad" cards

• Making our print runs public as soon as they reach our fulfillment centers

• Ensuring there is no set rotation; cards from any set will always be playable

• Growing the community by continuously promoting organized and competitive play

• Not creating outlier cards that are dramatically better than any other alternatives


Print Waves

The Alpha base set booster boxes will be Kickstarter-exclusive and limited to a maximum print run of 4,000. Once the 4,000 maximum print run of Runeslingers Alpha Set is reached, all subsequence booster boxes will be printed as Retail Base Set boosters. Retail boosters will become available for purchase during the Kickstarter if Alpha sells out. 


A maximum of 2 waves of retail booster boxes will be ordered from our manufacturer for any given set, regardless of its popularity. When an order is placed, we make its print run public on our website (existing inventory on our site will always be public). This will allow consumers to make informed decisions regarding collectability. 

Wave 1's print run will be based on an estimate of demand, and will be available for preorder just prior to set release. If Wave 1 is forecasted to sell out prior to the release of the next set, a smaller Wave 2 will be ordered to satisfy that short term forecasted demand based on the sales of Wave 1. 

On the release date of a new set, the previous set will migrate to out of print (OOP) status. OOP product is removed from our website and reserved for future prizes, but will never be resold by us again. 


The Alpha (Founder's) Booster Box will be exclusive to Kickstarter; it will contain foils, full-art cards and other surprises that will only ever be available in this product. The base set will include 185 unique cards + 54 Star Foil variants of cards from within the base set.

• When a card is "Minted" as a Star Foil, it will never be printed again in that foil pattern.

• All cards printed in normal versions will never be reprinted in another set in a normal version; they can however be printed in either full-art or minted as a Star Foil. 

• All foils minted in the Alpha base set will not be reprinted in the retail version of the base set.

Booster Box Promo small.png

Alpha Base Set Booster Box

• Maximum of 4,000 booster boxes printed (Kickstarter)

• Contains 54 unique foils ONLY obtainable in Kickstarter Alpha Boxes

• Contains 24 booster packs with 9 cards per pack

• Contains a box topper with 1 foil full-art card of a random rarity

• Unique Kickstarter marking on each box, booster packs and cards

• Contain redemption cards for unique prizes available in Alpha Boosters

• Unique stretch goals for each backer not available after Kickstarter

• Minimum printed is 4,000 units. Only purchasable on Kickstarter/Backerkit

Retail Base Set Booster Box

• Print-to-demand until release of first planned expansion, Incursion of Ozara   (ETA September, 2023).

• Contains 54 new minted star-foils not in the Alpha base set

• Contains 24 booster packs with 9 cards per pack

• Contains a box topper with 1 foil card of a random rarity

• No redemption cards

• Star Foils available 1 in 4 packs, instead of 1 in 8 (Alpha)

Retail BB.PNG
Box Promo 2.png

Fire and Chaos 2-Player Starter Set 

• Contains 2 booster packs from the current set (Alpha Booster Packs. 

• Contains 2 30-card competitive starter decks; Eva the Runeseer and Romin the Striker, plus their associated Runeslinger character cards

• 8 dice, 8 tokens

• 2 Paper playmats

• 12-page rule booklet

• 12 Double-sided Runeslinger equip cards

• 16 Double-sided ailments 

• Print to demand until a new set is released. 

• 2 Alpha Kickstarter booster packs

Organized Play (OP) Event Kit

Each season a new OP is released. A season runs for roughly 2 months. 1 OP kit

contains everything 6 players need to run an event from the comfort of their own home, or favorite local game store. Just order a kit and booster box (if drafting/sealed) or bring your own deck! 

OP kits contains rare cards and playmats only available in OP kits. OP kits contain:

• 1 Playmat from the current season

• 5 full-art promo cards from the current season

• 1 Star Foil promo from the current season 

OP Kit.png

Card Rarity


Each Runeslingers Booster Box contains 24 Booster-Packs. Each booster-pack contains 9 cards; 7 common, 1 premium and 1 "lottery" card. Cards in the premium slot have a chance to be Rare, Star Foil or Exalted, the highest rarity. Below are listed the card rarities and their approximate pull-rates (pull-rates are at the pack level).

Normal Version

NF Pressure Point.PNG

Full-Art Version

Pressure Point Full Art.PNG

Star Foil Version

Pressure Point Foil.PNG

Common - 7 per pack (162/270)


Rare - 5 in 6 packs (45/270)

Exalted - 1 in 6 packs (9/270) 


Star Foil - 1 in 8 packs (54/270)

Full-Art - 2 in 8 packs ???

Stance/Ability/Ailment/?? - 5 in 8 packs

The lottery slot will contain either a premium star foil, a full-art card, a double-sided ailment, or a double-sided stance or ability.