Each Box of Runeslingers The Awakening Includes The Following*:

• Two copies of each of the 120 unique cards in the base set. 120 of the 240 included cards are used in the included starter decks. 

• Four 30-card pre-constructed starter decks. 

• Four double-side 7" by 3.5" Runeslinger character cards. 

• 36 Ailment cards


• 12 dice (two D20, eight D6, two D8)

• 24 Runeslinger ability cards

• Two 24" by 14" paper play mats

• Two quick starter player reference guides

• One 28-page rulebook

• + All additional stretch goals unlocked during this Kickstarter!

• 16 determination and token chits

• One plastic tray insert to hold all the components

*These components are best-estimates based off of our current working prototype. All components listed here are subject to change without notice. That being said, we're confident the contents will get bigger and BETTER!