Our Business Model

Most successful trading card games have thriving secondary markets that offer investment opportunities for the community. This can often lead to accessibility issues for new players, gating the enjoyment of the game behind exorbitantly expensive cards. This model is almost essential in order to ensure the longevity of a traditional trading card game. Luckily for us, Runeslingers is NOT a traditional trading card game.

When you buy Runeslingers, you're buying a customizable trading card game that is packaged and sold like a board game; you get everything in one amazing box, at one amazing price. 


For the collectors, we have have something very special. Each box of Runeslingers contains a pack of 10 random unique foil full-art cards from among the cards in the base set. These cards are highly collectable. These foils will only ever be available in sealed Runeslingers products, as a thank you to our loyal customers. 

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Planned Expansions

Runeslingers is an expandable card game. We have no plans to offer sealed booster packs or randomized products. In order to ensure the success of Runeslingers, we'll be challenged to offer new products on a regular basis that are exciting and that expand upon the game in a meaningful and significant way.

We plan to introduce the base set of 120 cards in the form of our initial Kickstarter product launch; Runeslingers The Awakening. Subsequently, we'll be releasing two types of product; Encounters and Mythos. 

Encounters will be smaller, "mini" expansions featuring all-new product. Each encounter will

introduce two new Runeslingers with unique art, two 30-card starter decks, dice, 2 copies of each ailment and 18 new abilities. Encounters are designed to expand your collection at an affordable price. 

Mythos will be large expansions that will come out roughly once a year and will be similar in scope to Runeslingers The Awakening. Mythos will contain over 80 new unique cards, new starter decks, as well as new Runeslingers, card types and abilities. In addition, Mythos may offer new game types and modes of play that players will be sure to enjoy.