Product Design 

When designing Runeslingers we developed our product to appeal to three groups; players, collectors and investors. Each group has unique wants and needs, and we believe we've created a product that has something for everyone. 

• With the exception of our Kickstarter booster packs and their contents (uniquely labeled as Kickstarter First Edition), all product will be printed at once for a given set; there will be no first/second edition. While this will limit print runs, it will ensure that product does not become devalued due to overprinting. 

• Cards that are printed in Star Foil will never be printed again in Star Foil; they are effective "reserve list" cards. When a card is printed in Star Foil, neither it nor its normal version will be reprinted. The normal version can appear in subsequent sets as a rare "Full-Art" card. This means even common cards will have future collectability value (don't throw them out).

• Unlike more traditional TCGs, Runeslingers cards are generally equally balanced in terms of power and usability. We do not create "pack filler" cards. Each card is created with a specific use and strategy in mind. This ensures that gameplay is strategic and fun with only a small investment in your deck. 

• Each new set of Runeslingers will add to the existing pool of Runeslinger equips and classes. In the future, we will introduce cards that can only be used by certain Runeslinger classes; in the base set, all cards are usable by any Runeslinger, regardless of their class. 

Normal Version

Pressure Point Common Regular.PNG

Full-Art Version

Pressure Point Common Full-Art.PNG

Star Foil Version

Pressure Point Common Foil.PNG

Card Rarity


Each Booster Box contains 24 Booster-Packs. Each Booster-Pack contains 9 cards; 8 common and 1 rare or better. Cards in the "rare" slot have a chance to be a full-art card of any rarity, a Star Foil of any rarity, or an Exotic card (the highest rarity). 

Common Card - 8/pack (108/216)

Rare+ Card - 1/pack (46/216)

Exotic Card* - 1 in 5 packs (8/216)

Star Foil* - 1 in 8 packs (54/216)

Star Foils

Listed below is the distribution of Star Foil (SF) rarities in Runeslingers The Awakening: 

40 Common (74% chance to be Common)

10 Rare (18.5% chance to be Rare)

4 Exotic (7.4% chance to be Exotic)


The chances of obtaining a Star Foil Exalted in a booster pack are roughly 1:108 packs. Since there are 4 Exotic Star Foils in the set, the chances of opening a specific Star Foil are roughly 1:432 packs (1 in 18 booster boxes). Star Foil Exalted cards are treasures of great value, and are truly exciting to open and collect!

*Please note that distribution of exotic and star foils is random, based on a rough-estimate at the booster pack level; not the booster box level.