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Runeslinger Event Manager

When you register on our Runeslingers Event Manager application (development pending), you will be able to choose from one of two options; Player or LGS (Local Game Store). 

Player Accounts are the default; you can purchase products, book and run events such as draft, sealed and constructed. Prize support will be provided for all product purchased as a player. You can choose to open the prize support for yourself, or keep it to be used when you run events. Record your standings in REM to claim exclusive rewards and discounts on product.

LGS Accounts are for brick-and-mortar retail businesses that can support local play. Here you will be able to purchase bulk product at a discount. You will be able to book weekly draft, sealed or constructed events. All prize support required to run events will be provided for all purchases made by LGS accounts. In addition, you will have access to our inventory statistics, and be able to view in real-time the inventory that is available for purchase in your area. This level of unparalleled transparency for retailers will help them make informed business decisions. 

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