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Q1, 2021


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A New Customizable Tactical Card Game

The runestones have awakened. All across the lands, their power draws unsuspecting heroes to them. You are a Runeslinger, a champion chosen by the runestones. On the horizon looms an impending incursion, led by the Celestial creator of the runestones, Ozara. You must master the art of Runeslinging and prepare for her arrival, at all costs.  


Runeslingers is a customizable tactical card game for two to four playersSling powerful runespells, wield exotic trinkets and protect yourself with magical enchantments called boons. Overcome the enemy Runeslinger with dazzling strategy and problem solving. Reduce their power from five to zero to claim victory!

What's in The Box?

• 4  Runeslinger Character Cards

• 36 Ability & Stance Cards

• 4  Starter Decks

• 240 Game Cards

• 36 Ailment Cards

• 8 Dice

• 16 Tokens

• 2 Play Mats

• Rulebook

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Introducing The Runeslingers

Your Runeslinger is the physical representation of you, the player, on the field of battle. When a game begins (called an encounter), each player equips either a stance and ability, or two abilities to their chosen Runeslinger. Stances and abilities allow you to customize your Runeslinger for each encounter, greatly altering the strategy you choose to employ in battle. Each of the four available Runeslinger's has a class that defines which abilities and stance it can equip.  

3 piece assembled.png

Pictured above, Hera is a Hexmancer Runeslinger. On the left, she has equipped the stance Chaotic Field, and on the right she has equipped her ability Rend. Together with a deck of 30 cards, this completes your loadout for gameplay! 

The Card Types 

Every great card game needs tons of cool cards, and Runeslingers delivers the goods! The base version of Runeslingers has over 120 unique cards with four different card types. 



Runespells are powerful incantations you sling during your play phase. Runespells have one-time effects when they are slung. 



Trinkets grant unique and game-altering effects to their controller while in play. Unlike runespells, trinkets are defense cards and remain on your field.

Battle Axe.png


Boons protect Runeslingers from ailments. When played, boons temporarily prevent the effects of the ailment card that they are played on.



Chants are powerful spells that have lasting effects. Similar to trinkets, chants remain on your field until they are destroyed. 

The Field Of Play

You and your opponent each have an identical field facing you. Everything you control in play exists on your field. Each player is supplied with a playmat to help them quickly master card placement and play. 

The Six Ailments

There are six unique ailments in Runeslingers that can be put on a Runeslinger during an encounter. Multiple instances of the same ailment can "stack", increasing their power substantially. Ailments are a mechanically unique to Runeslingers and add a tremendous amount of strategy to gameplay. 

Promo Rewards Program

To shank our early subscribers for their interested in Runeslinger, we've created the following rewards program only available to e-mail subscribers! 

  • The first 200 people to register as a Runeslingers Insider will be entered into a draw for 1 of 5 complete copies of the Kickstarter version of Runeslingers with all unlocked stretch goals included at funding (excluding shipping costs). ​

  • You will receive a link to our discord community chat to discuss everything Runeslingers and ask us any questions you might have about the project; we're excited to meet you!

  • After funding, each Subscriber will receive a new print and play version of our upcoming Runeslinger Ozara from our planned expansion Incursion of Ozara. You will also receive advance details on our upcoming expansions and be invited to vote on new cards and abilities!

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Subsrcibe to be notified when we launch! We'll send you a free print and play demo of Runeslingers!