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Runeslingers is a Collectible Trading Card Game featuring unique turn-based combat, strategic deck-building and classic collectability. Runeslingers released in May 2023 after succesfully funding on Kickstarter in 2022. Runeslingers is now available for purchase only on the secondary market. 


If you were lucky enough to pick up our limited release and are looking for our most recent rules, be sure to head to our resources page

Runeslingers recently introduced a new mode of play called Expanded format, that allows for the construction of 40-card decks! 

In a game of Runeslinger, each player assumes the role of a powerful Runeslinger. Harnessing runespells, your objective is to reduce the enemy Runeslinger's power from five to zero using, damage, ailments, and various deck-milling mechanics. 

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Runeslingers art primarily features runestones, the source of power for runespells. Spells that players cast are runespells, magical manifestations of the runes they draw their power from. 


Runeslingers received great reviews from players who loved its unique and highly strategic gameplay. Check out their feedback on BoardGameGeek here

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