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Runeslingers is a Collectible Trading Card Game  featuring unique turn-based combat, strategic deck-building and classic collectability. Runeslingers is designed to be a competitive card game players can enjoy from the comfort of their kitchen tables. 

While Runeslingers was designed with collectors in mind, first and foremost our focus has been on developing fun and balanced game mechanics that create memorable moments for our players. 


You are a Runeslinger, a wielder of magical incantations called runespells. You are welcomed to the annual Fett; a Runeslinging tournament that will test your magical abilities to their limits.

Combine Runespells, Chants, Boons and Trinkets into your own unique 30-card deck. Choose and equip your Runeslinger with a Stance and Ability. Be the first Runeslinger to reduce your opponent's power      from 5 to 0 to claim victory! Check out our Rulebook here! 

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Runeslingers The Awakening Base Set will feature 270 collectible cards; including at least 162 unique cards, 54 alternate art cards and 54 Star Foils (comprised of cards from all rarities in the base set).

When a card is "Minted" as a Star Foil, it will never be reprinted again in foil. We reserve the right to reprint foil cards with a different foil pattern as special promos or rewards for events and competitive play. To learn more about card rarity and pull rates, click here!


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We've chosen a hybrid business model that is direct to consumer and business to business in order to provide the highest level of customer service and experience.

Customers can order and have an Event Kit delivered to directly to their own homes for organized play; become a local distributor and receive discounts of your own! To learn more, click here!

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Organized Play

Using the Runeslingers Event Manager App (REM, development pending), players will be able to book and run events from the comfort of their own homes including draft, sealed and constructed formats of play. 

Earn points for participation, as well as awesome prizes for winning. Each booster box of Runeslingers will contain a sealed box topper with 3 unique rewards that players can distribute how they wish as prize support for their own tournaments!

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Try Runeslingers now on Tabletop Simulator with up to four players! Our two starter decks are loaded with everything you need to play. 

Join or Discord to play games with the developer. We want to meet you, and get your feedback on Runeslingers!



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